Paravirtual Studio Software

Fast and accurate virtualization

Hardware prototypes pose numerous challenges to software engineers – lack of availability, pre-production quality and difficulty of sharing with teams scattered all over the world.  These limitations make the current embedded software development an inefficient process.

Paravirtual provides a solution to this problem by providing the software engineers a fast, accurate virtualization platform of the physical hardware long before the actual hardware is ready.  Paravirtual Studio is a software application running on Windows and Linux based engineering desktops that allows creating, connecting, running, debugging and testing multiple interconnected virtual embedded systems.  Every engineer gets a private, virtual lab on the desktop!

Manage multiple virtual systems

Paravirtual complements the conventional embedded software tools.  It provides the user the ability to manage multiple virtual systems while continuing to use the conventional tools to debug any of these systems on the desktop.  This allows Paravirtual Studio to extend the capabilities of engineers without forcing them to give up anything they are accustomed to.

Supported Platforms

Paravirtual Studio supports Linux, VxWorks, ThreadX, Nucleus and custom embedded operating systems running on any target CPU.  It is licensed on an annual subscription basis.

Hardware Software Virtualization
Hardware Virtualization Testing
Hardware Ready for Market
Hardware Software Virtualization
Hardware Virtualization Testing
Hardware Ready for Market
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Software Features

  • Simulate complete systems – software and hardware – on the desktop
  • Connect and simultaneously debug multiple simulated systems
  • Use enterprise class software development tools
  • Fully scriptable environment
  • Use traffic generators, analyzers and other desktop based applications